Skapa politik på europeisk nivå

Vår europeiska organisation JEF har under sig flera arbetsgrupper som arbetar fram organisationens politik eller jobbar med frågor som rör organisationen. 
Dessa söker nu personer som är intresserade av att arbeta med dem och driva organisationen framåt. 
Ta chansen och bedriv politik eller led en organisation på europeisk nivå!

Är du intresserad av någon av de nedanstående grupperna så hör av dig till dem direkt.

Political Commissions = Politiska arbetsgrupper som arbetar fram och bearbetar resolutioner som sedan antas av JEF två gånger varje halvår.

PC1- Institutions and governance (contact: pc1 [at]
"PC1 is open to all JEFers willing to work on topics related to
institutions and governance e.g. multispeed Europe, economic government,
legitimacy etc.”

PC2 - Internal European policy (contact: pc2 [at]
"PC2 is responsible for Internal EU Policies and proposing
federalist-inspired solutions to current societal problems within Europe.
Intended topics may evolve around the broader themes of social inclusion
and youth empowerment."
Contact PC2

PC3 - External affairs and global Europe (contact: pc3 [at]
"PC3 is responsible for External EU Policies and for proposing
federalist-inspired solutions to global challenges."

Task Forces

TF - European Parliament elections (contact: EPelections [at]
"Do you want to actively take part in the preparation and follow-up of
JEF-Europe’s campaign for the European elections 2014? Then join our
dedicated taskforce!"

TF - Visual identity (contact: visibility [at]
"This TF is responsible for improving the external image of JEF and the
implementation of the new logo."

TF - Fundraising and finances (contact: finances [at]
"The main aim of the Task Force on Finances is to develop a long-term
strategy for ensuring the financial sustainability of JEF. This includes
exploring new avenues of funding (e.g. fund-raising and sponsorships) and
developing new ways how the current funding methods could be stabilised,
increased or their use made more efficient."

TF - Small and new sections (contact: groundwork [at]
"The TF Small and new sections is responsible for giving assistance to
small sections and the development of new sections."

TF - Partnerships and network (contact: partnerships [at]
"The TF-Partnerships and network is responsible for developing new
partnerships and deepening already existing partnerships."

TF - Organisation (contact: organisation [at]
"The TF Organisation will focus mainly on two issues: Firstly on improving
our internal communication culture by introducing modern communication
tools and developing ideas on how internal debates should be structured.
Secondly it will focus on holding statutory meetings more efficiently and
pleasantly by introducing clear and easy-to follow rules of procedure.
Everyone is invited to be part of the TF Organisation."

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